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Rethinking Green Infrastructure

Nisha HawkridgeTPHC’s recent graduate, Nisha Hawkridge was delighted to receive the 2021 Cities Alive – Arup Landscape Prize after graduating from her Masters in September last year.

The project focused on a sustainable neighbourhood masterplan that applied the Cities Alive – Rethinking Green Infrastructure principals, along with Sustainable Living and Leeds’ ethos – to create a community that work, live and supports one another.

Building a community is the basis of creating a sustainable, economical and ecological environment and this drives the lifestyle that is represented within this landscape.


Cities Alive - The Paul Hogarth Company on rethinking green infrastructure


A sense of belonging is presented through the housing layout, communal garden & landscape and the common house, allowing residences to come together and practice the lifestyle of sustainable living.

The design supports and embraces the existing conditions as well as further developing the landscape to improve the quality of the ecological network.

Consisting of 40 dwellings with their own gardens, a communal garden, photovoltaic solar system, rainwater harvesting system, a common house all within a shared landscape with both the public and wildlife, on the edge of Skelton Lake.


Cities Alive - The Paul Hogarth Company on rethinking green infrastructure


The layout was driven by creating a community, as it is the community what drives a sustainable lifestyle, along with the infrastructure in place to ensure renewable energy and food produce is centralised within this community.

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