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Blundell Masterplan

Underpinning a Town Centre

Like many town centres, Edenderry has had to contend with the challenges of out-of-town and on-line retail. Offaly County Council tasked The Paul Hogarth Company with considering how, through the development of town centre ‘backlands,’ Edenderry’s role as a social and commercial centre could be underpinned.

The Blundell Masterplan has proven instrumental in guiding our ambitions for the town centre of Edenderry.

The Masterplan informs policy and regeneration investment decision making in the town.

The result was a framework for brownfield regeneration and development, renamed by the practice as The Blundell Masterplan after the ruined castle there.  A network of new streets was planned to open up these lands, re-establishing a series of foot and cycle links with the adjacent main street.   Working with the public and local stakeholders a range of new town centre uses were identified, including a library, primary care and community centre, which along with new housing and workplaces, would re-energise the town centre.

The Blundell Masterplan now informs policy and regeneration investment decision making in the town, with construction of the first street well underway. It demonstrates how together through collaborative urban design, we can chart a positive course for our valuable town centres.


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Blundell Masterplan
Underpinning a Town Centre
The Paul Hogarth Company: Urban Design & Masterplanning,
McGarry Consulting: Economic/Business Consultants.
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